I am a retired educator, craftsman and artist. For over 35 years, I enjoyed a very successful and satisfying career in education during the week. Only on weekends did I find the time to pursue my creative tendencies. Much of that time I dabbled in macramé, sewing home décor items, decorative painting, jewelry making, and finally designing wreaths for family and friends.

My garage was overflowing with craft items, paint and tools. I even transformed my guest room into a “craft studio.” Yet, I could not seem to get organized and have all of my crafting stuff in one location! It was scattered everywhere in every nook and cranny I could find. I was, and still am, one who had to have all the latest and greatest tools for every endeavor! I truly think I have more tools than my husband! But the perfectionist in me could not bring order to this chaos!

After retiring, I found that I could finally pursue my creative side. Creating wreaths and florals for others to enjoy for years to come would give me great pleasure and satisfaction. I am so excited about all the possibilities. I began my new endeavor by researching techniques, floral design, and exploring the different bases to use for wreaths. I started with ribbon wreaths, fabric wreaths that contain long strips of fabric, Christmas and Halloween deco mesh wreaths, just to name a few.

I now split my time assisting my husband, Ed, in running our family business in Spartanburg during the week. Weekends we return to our home in Columbia, SC. I have now moved all of my crafting “stuff” to my new studio in Spartanburg. I can work in the mornings for Spartan Leasing, a fork lift company that was started by my late father in the early sixties, and wreath in the afternoons in my own studio which my husband willingly gave up his office for me. I am so fortunate to have family and friends who encourage and support my efforts. My garage and guest room are no longer in a chaotic state. There is order there for the first time in years!

I stumbled upon Nancy Alexander of Ladybug Wreaths on YouTube and was immediately taken with her woodsy airy designs. I just had to find out more. So, I spent hours and hours watching her videos and tips on YouTube. Nancy is a renowned designer, teacher, coach and leading author of wreath design and technique. Recently, I had the distinct privilege and honor to work with her in her studio in Anderson, SC. We worked together perfecting my design technique. I admire her willingness to assist others in pursuing their creative side. She has truly been a blessing and inspiration to me.

As for my website, Etsy shop, and Facebook Business, It’s no coincidence that I chose MarthaSueDesigns. My closest and dearest childhood friend, Judy Locke, was the only one to call me by my first and middle name – Martha Sue. (We have been friends since we were five and six years old.) Everyone else called me Sue. So in my new endeavor, I believed that giving a nod to my pleasant childhood memories would be most fitting; hence the name MarthaSueDesigns.

Thank you for visiting my website. I take great pride in creating custom wreaths and florals that are unique, elegant and lasting. 

I am delighted that you stopped by. So please visit again as I will continue to post wreaths that can be enjoyed for any season and any occasion.

I also take custom orders. If you are interested in a custom order, please contact me at my Etsy shop or contact me on this site under Contacts.

I will be happy to work with you to create just the right design that showcases your personality and your taste.


Martha Sue


Yellow Roses and Spider Mums Hanging Basket


Sunflower and Roses Hanging Basket


Pink and Green Ribbon Wreath


Pink and Green Hanging Basket